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From the editor: localism and a sense of place

I thought Luke Robson was a little crazy in our initial phone conversation, but I immediately knew I wanted to talk to him more about what he is doing in Hillsdale, Michigan. By the way, he’s not crazy, just countercultural in a good way. Readers must check out his interview in American Habits because it’s […]

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Stay informed about efforts to rebuild the proper structures of government and push back on schemes intent on centralizing our American experiment. The enduring principles of our Constitution are simple: Restraints are meant to be placed on the government and not the people.


Hear from lawmakers, civic leaders, and local heroes making a difference in their communities.

Civic Education

Learn more on why American federalism is essential from past and present voices.

Federalism In Action

Follow the solutions that will help build a more perfect union.


Local communities matter and a sense of home is vital for strengthening our Republic.

50 States

What is happening in the states to preserve and expand freedom.

Better Government

Washington is broken and self-government never looked better.

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