American Habits is an online publication that makes the case for practical, understandable federalism so that policymakers and influencers, SPN’s Network, and citizens are persuaded to solve more problems through state and local solutions rather than accept the overreach and divisiveness of DC’s political class. The content will consist of interviews, essays, book and film reviews, stories of local heroes, and excerpts of notable quotes and passages on federalism.


Our name reflects Alexis de Tocqueville’s phrase “habits of the heart” from “Democracy in America,” which gets at the moral, cultural, and intellectual state of the people. All these characteristics play a critical role for our collective and individual capacity for self-government. We want readers to be continually reminded of their birthright and the great American heritage as a self-governing people.

Guiding Principles

American Habits is a non-partisan publication favorable to enduring truths like the need to place real restraints on the government and empowering citizens towards a culture of self-governance. Questions like “What is our capacity for self-government?” are much more essential than “Who won the election?”

We desire to champion a robust civil discourse and focus on practical stories on why federalism not only works, but is the superior system designed by America’s framers. As the adage reminds us: The best government is that which is closest to the governed. Washington is broken. In part, because it tries to do so much it shouldn’t. We exist to help end that.

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If you have an interest in contributing an original essay or article to American Habits, please reach out to Ray Nothstine. (rnothstine@spn.org) American Habits will consider longform work and book and film reviews. Want to interview a figure on issues related to federalism? We will consider that, too.

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